Stephanie Uchima 3.0

…and I’m back (again).

After almost 2 years, I have decided it’s time to return to the blog-o-sphere, but this time sharing with the world the knowledge I have been sharing with my friends, colleagues and clients for over 10 years: my advice, tips and experiences on all thing related to entrepreneurship and business. From working as a management consultant to acquiring and marketing real estate to starting companies to launching new products and programs within companies to consulting other small business owners on different aspects of business from marketing to strategy to finances, I have been a source of information, advice and inspiration on all things business-related.

I started blogging back in 2011 with “The Preppy Chic Blog” as a way to showcase some of my client weddings, wedding inspiration, fashion inspiration and style, and pretty much anything preppy.

Then after some health issues, I became obsessed with healthy living and wellness. Since the Paleo diet and Crossfit didn’t really fit into a “preppy chic” girl’s style, I started the blog Cupcakes to Crossfit  in 2012. Because I started blogging about the Paleo diet and Crossfit before it got super “trendy” the blog took off; however, I didn’t have the time or dedication to maintain it. Then, I accidentally crashed my database while trying to update my WordPress and lost everything (which is a good lesson: back-up everything… I didn’t and lost it all)!

While simultaneously having my first child in 2015, I re-branded my event planning company to what you see now, Stephanie Uchima Events, but I never really got back on the blogging wagon. The blog was sitting on my site, but remained stagnant because I kept being pushed down on my list of priorities.

So, here I am, starting “fresh” (since I’m most likely moving my Stephanie Uchima Events website to a new URL and transitioning to my own personal site for entrepreneurship) and putting myself back out there hoping someone wants to listen!

{this article was original written on April 7, 2017 but never published…eek}

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