Wednesday Words: Things That Fire Me Up

I’m so sad that I couldn’t make it to Making Things Happen 2013, which starts today. Last year, this program changed my life, my company and my vision of the future. It really gave me the opportunity to dig deep and reflect upon what I want and how to get there. In one of the exercises, we wrote down a list of things that fire you up because this is the source of passion and motivation in your life & business.

Lara Casey (the EIC of Southern Weddings & the founder of Making Things Happen) wrote: “DO more of what fires you up.  When you are living out your passion actively – not just thinking about it or planning when you’ll do it, but DOING it – life happens.  Real, full, life.  DO more of what fires you up.  When you are actively doing the things that make you come alive, you find an endless well of creativity, giving, love, energy and inspiration.  Life gets richer in the best ways possible. Write a list of all the things that fire your heart up and post it where you can see it all the time!  Then… DO them.”

So I thought I’d share my list of things that fire me up…

what fires me up (3-13)

So what FIRES YOU UP??

Download a blank “things that fire me up” sheet by Emily LeyHERE (rainbow), HERE (blue ombre) or HERE (pink ombre), print it and write down all the things that fire YOU up!!! I hang mine in my office right next to my computer as a daily reminder to help keep me going!

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